About Us

At the beginning of 2022, after an extensive listening process, our congregation collectively approved the mission and vision statements below.  Inspired by scripture and our own history as a congregation, we hope these statements will help to frame and guide our congregation for the years to come.

Our Mission:

Together, we are guided by the Holy Spirit to faithfully live in a way that embodies the life and love of Jesus of Nazareth, our Lord and Saviour.  Therefore, we endeavour to be a refuge: a community of belonging, support, and healing, where we joyfully accept every person as a beloved gift of God.

Our Vision:

We envision living in the shalom of God, in true peace, justice, and wholeness, where all our relationships are set right; where the story of God’s love is lived out in the way we share in each other’s celebrations and bear one another’s burdens. We imagine being changed by each other through conversation, listening and sharing our stories and perspectives; where our diverse languages and cultures are celebrated and our differences bring us closer rather than push us apart. We aspire to be a people drawn by God into a sheltering community; where our faith is expressed through prayer, gathering, and the breaking of bread.

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