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Who we are

Our leaders

At Calgary First Mennonite Church our ministries are coordinated by our paid pastors and by our volunteer leaders.  As Anabaptists we call people to special roles of spiritual leadership in the church.

The purpose of such chosen leaders is not to relieve other believers of responsibility, but to represent Christ and the church in the congregation and on the church’s behalf in the world.

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Our history

First Mennonite Church had its beginning during the 1930’s when young Mennonite women came to Calgary to find employment as domestic workers in some of the well-to-do-homes. They gathered together wherever they could for fellowship.

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What we believe

Statements of what Mennonites believe have been among us from earliest beginnings. A group of Anabaptists, forerunners of Mennonites, wrote the Schleitheim Articles in 1527. Since then, Mennonite groups have produced numerous statements of faith.

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