Calgary First Mennonite Church Calgary

Our leaders

At Calgary First Mennonite Church our ministries are coordinated by our paid pastors and by our volunteer leaders.  As Anabaptists we call people to special roles of spiritual leadership in the church.

The purpose of such chosen leaders is not to relieve other believers of responsibility, but to represent Christ and the church in the congregation and on the church’s behalf in the world.

The team


Caleb Kowalko, Lead Pastor

Caleb officially began his work with us on May 15, 2018.

Erv Thiessen, Moderator


Erv is currently the Moderator at Calgary First Mennonite. In his role as Moderator, Erv facilitates the monthly meetings of the Council of Church Ministries, facilitates congregational meetings, and serves as the lead member of the Executive team.



At Calgary First Mennonite Church, deacons exercise leadership through a ministry of caring, visitation and reconciliation.  Deacons work closely with the Pastor, in providing spiritual direction for the congregation.

Deacons encourage us to hear and listen to all voices with open minds and hearts.  Our Deacons bring talents in discernment and insight; sharing from history while discussing and imagining our shared future together.


Christine Hansplant, Children’s Worker

Christine began her position as 1/2-time Children’s Worker in 2013.  Christine organizes and coordinates monthly Kid’s Club activities for our families with young children, oversees the Children’s Church program, runs the Vacation Bible School program in the summer, and she also plans activities for our Youth.  She is married to Eric and is the mother of three daughters.